When you think of spy shows and media, you might think of famous films such as those from the James Bond series. Picture the scenes–a spy tracking the villain from the shadows, with a daring escape scene after the hero stole valuable intel.

Now throw in a woman who’s secretly an assassin, a young girl who’s secretly a psychic, elements of comedy, chaos, and a dose of wholesome moments. Mix them up together and you end up with Spy x Family.

Enter Twilight; an accomplished spy of the nation of Westalis. In order to prevent war from breaking out between Westalis and the neighboring nation of Ostania, he’s tasked to spy on an influential political figure from Ostania, who is, quite inconveniently, very reclusive. 

In order to get close, Twilight has to jump through several hoops. He ends up assembling a fake family for the job by first adopting an orphan child to pose as his daughter, and later marrying a woman to pose as his wife. Now under the alias of Loid Forger, our spy protagonist has to navigate his biggest challenge yet–posing as a father and a husband. 

But he’s not the only one pretending—Loid’s wife, Yor Forger, while commonly known as a government employee, is actually an assassin nicknamed “Thorn Princess” who agreed to marry Loid as a cover for her assassinations. Meanwhile, young Anya Forger secretly possesses psychic abilities (which means she knows the true identities of her parents). She has the distinction of being the only one in the family to know of her parents’ secret double lives.

When you put this all together, what you get is a surprising breath of fresh air that stands out among the rest. It’s filled with comedic yet believable personalities, a lighthearted story that’s both action-packed and touching, vibrant art style, and a catchy soundtrack. 

As of writing, the series is up to Episode 7, so newer viewers have plenty of time to catch up. The series could be streamed on the YouTube channel of Muse Asia (possibly for a limited time only) and Netflix, among other streaming services.

If you’re craving for more, you can always read the source material from which the anime came from: the manga. Originally written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo which is currently at nine volumes. 

All in all, Spy x Family perfectly blends spy action, comedy, and family wholesomeness into one neat little package. If you have time and space on your to-watch list, this is one anime you should definitely consider adding. Martin Victorino // Image from comingsoon.net

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