I can’t believe we’re already a quarter of the way through the new year. Time is flying by at an unimaginable rate! It is March, and for those who were born in this month, 2022 will be a blast! This is because your zodiac sign, Aries or Pisces, is assumed to be the most prosperous this year.

The word “March” derives from Mars, the Roman God of War and is the first month of the Roman calendar, with the 15th known as the Ides of March. In light of this we could have practically wished Italians a Happy New Year on March 1st. In addition, Zero Discrimination Day was also celebrated! On the 2nd day came Ash Wednesday. On the 8th, women and all their accomplishments and strengths were recognized with International Women’s Day. This would be later followed by the 501st anniversary of the founding by the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan on the 16th. Immediately after is the 17th, where we give much mirth for St. Patrick’s Day. And of course, how could we forget the glorious National Day of “Joe,” which is celebrated on the 27th.

Many tourists praise colorful festivals in the Philippines, such as the Pintados and the Ligao Sunflower. This March saw the celebration of several feasts, including the Feast of the Annunciation and the Feast of St. Joseph. Last March 14, lovers of mathematics had the opportunity to celebrate 3/14 Pi day, a day when people received free desserts. According to the Bureau of Fire Protection, March is also designated as fire prevention month, during which we practiced heightened protocols and drills. 

It’s strange how this month, the same month we ended the school year early in 2020, marked the second year of the COVID-19 Pandemic, not to mention the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Nonetheless, March may only be the beginning of a hopeful season. Despite such issues, we pray that tomorrow will lead to a dawn of joy, peace, and harmony in all homes and countries. Let us live each day as if it were a special occasion, just like “Awesomeness Day” and “International Day of Happiness,” which were also March celebrations. 

As we end this month, prepare playful pranks for your friends and family on April Fool’s Day! Gabriel Louie Alejo // Image from The Spruce


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