Marist School opened its doors to students on March 17, 2022, for its Eucharistic celebration—the first time students had been able to attend an on-campus activity since the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Eucharistic mass, which was sponsored by Grade 12 students, day and afternoon shift students, the President’s council, and the ICT office, was officiated by Rev. Fr. Rey Carvyn Onday.

Students who attended the holy mass were required to register online before they could attend the mass. The school provided parents with a consent form so that their children would attend the holy mass with their acknowledgment.

Throughout the event, health protocols such as the use of face masks and physical separation were strictly observed.

In the homily, Fr. Onday, greeted the students and their parents and reminded them about our disciplines in this season of lent.

He then centered the homily on the recent events that had happened in Ukraine. 

“If we try to observe the recent happenings in Ukraine and Russia nine hours ago, people are preparing potassium iodide for the possible nuclear attack… this is because of indifference to human life. This is because irresponsibility that persisted war crimes would happen in this world. This is because of irresponsibility and negligence to human life. Kaya nahihirapan tayo ngayon sa ating buhay. Kahit nasa malay tayo, apektado pa rin. 

In concluding his sermon, Fr. Onday urged students to be “responsible” despite the pandemic still being around, and must not forget “the needy, the hungry and the wounded.”

With the Eucharistic mass being the first on-campus activity after two years, the Marist community remains optimistic and hopeful for the safe and gradual resumption of face-to-face activities so that students may once again return to the campus. Jean Matienzo and Matthew Perez // Image by JM Iglesias

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