The Official Highschool Media Organization of Marist School has been around since 1972, eight years after the institution opened in 1964. Here are some iconic personalities, objects, and brands  that are younger than the Blue & Gold.

  1. The Nintendo Family Computer

Invented in 1983, it was the first Nintendo console released only in Japan, before going global. This component was the main foundation of every one of its kind we know, play, and use today.

  1. Microsoft

The most successful computer company today was founded by famous billionaire Bill Gates in 1975. Microsoft is what we know today as some of our computer softwares that we use in our everyday lives.

  1. Jollibee

One of the most famous fast-food restaurants here in the Philippines was built in 1978. The fast-food joint is undoubtedly famous worldwide for its fried chicken together with their signature Filipino-style sweet and sour spaghetti. 

  1. Leonardo DiCaprio

The famous actor was born in 1974. Di Caprio is an academy award winning media personality who’s particularly known for his iconic performance with Kate Winslet in the movie, Titanic.

  1. Rubik’s cube.

One of the most popular toys that people played with was invented in 1974. It is a puzzle wherein you fix a scrambled cube with 3×3 square tiles on each side by reordering the colors and the pattern itself.


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Article by Lorenzo Benedict Alday

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