The official media organization of Marist School Marikina just kicked off its 50th anniversary celebration with a star-studded virtual concert entitled: “Ursa Major” (pronounced māior rather than mā’jə(r) to maintain Latin consistency.) Translated from Latin, it means “Great Bear,” symbolizing how far we have grown from a small school club with a few members to a large organization with over 60 members across the high school student body.

The livestream served as a showcase for both homegrown and local talent. Tambayang Marista Hosts Shamira Arguelles and Matthew Clemente led the show with their charm and energy, providing the audience with nuggets of the organization’s history. Gracenote, The Vowels They Orbit, Hey June!, Marist High Impact, Tykes, The Charmes, Just a Fad, Hijo, 1920, Astetik, JC Torio, Sethh, Glizzy Beats, and Backfire graced the event with their enthralling performances, making it even more memorable. Before the final intermission, a special video highlighting some of the organization’s contributions to the school was shown. The short video, which was compiled by both editors from the previous and current publication years, was included to commemorate its ascension to greater heights as it approaches one of its most significant milestones.

The concert was only the start of the publication’s ascension to greater heights. “Parallax,” an online archive searching for the oldest issue through a contest that is open to everyone, is an ongoing event from this year’s celebration. The previous publication’s issues will be sourced from members of the publication, the general student body, and alumni. Take a trip down memory lane as you view articles, artworks, layouts, and other publication materials that highlight the Blue and Gold’s progress and growth over the past 50 years.

Along with this, currently in-production is “Ad Astra: The Golden Journey,” a short documentary that aims to echo insights by sharing the Blue & Gold’s humble beginnings through interviews and gatherings with alumni, former moderators, and others about their term and experiences in the organization. Listen to their voices as they tell the story of how the publication came to be. Learn what it took to pioneer, steer, and lead the school’s only high school publication turned media organization, as well as how important its roles are—both historically and in the modern community.

In addition to those exciting events, a network of different student publications from various high schools across the Philippines would be commissioned through a media congress titled “Adventum.” Coming together, unified under the goal of dignified, truthful, and service-oriented journalism; this aims to invite a broader, bigger audience of writers, reporters, and artists into collaboration towards an integral future. The webinar’s aims to invite a variety of personalities to speak, with the goal of enriching the already hands-on school publications throughout the community.

Livestreams and contests are surely not the bare minimum of what Maristas can expect during the publication’s Golden Year. There will be much more to come in the coming days as we continue to commemorate the occasion. Join us as we continue to showcase how we’ve grown the Marist Story over the years and as we move forward. David Lumba // Image from Blue & Gold’s Facebook account

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