The Blue and Gold kicked off its 50th anniversary celebration on February 26 with a virtual benefit concert entitled Ursa Major: Blast Off Concert. The concert, which was live-streamed on Blue and Gold’s official Facebook page, featured local artists, former and current Blue and Gold staffers, and lively performances.

The concert, in addition to providing an opportunity to hear from selected alumni of our organization, aimed to celebrate the people who have contributed to the organization’s growth throughout its 50-year mission and highlighted the people whose presence has kept the publication going and growing—the students.

The concert stream began with a pre-program show. The National Anthem and a doxology were sung, followed by a performance by the Marist High Impact.

During the first half of the concert, Mr. Laurence Alfonso, the Blue and Gold’s current Executive Editor, delivered remarks commemorating the organization’s 50th anniversary.

In a part of his speech, he emphasized how the Blue and Gold had evolved from its beginnings to where it is now, after 50 years.

“From just being an elective for its students, Blue & Gold has then evolved to become a passion project, continuously reaching for the stars and writing its own history. Blue & Gold has become a family bounded by passion and commitment to what we do best, narrating the tales of our fellow Maristas and reminding the community of our colorful identity.”

Alfonso had also expressed gratitude to those who had been a part of the organization’s journey over its five decades of existence, including past and current moderators, staffers, and, most notably, all Maristas who had been a part of its operations for “allowing us to amplify our own triumphs and milestones.”

Mr. Marlon Nombrado, a former Blue and Gold moderator, and Mr. Samuel Macagba III, a former Editor-in-Chief from 2004, both told stories about the impact of the Blue & Gold on their lives at the concert.

Mr. Nombrado reflected in his video message on the time he was offered the position of moderator of the organization back in 2016. “I had the opportunity to return to Marist as a teacher and of course, when I was offered the task to be Blue and Gold adviser, parang pangarap siya na tagal-tagal kong pinangarap bilang isang estudyante.” 

Mr. Macagba III reminisced in his video message about having the organization’s main office and how it benefited the members back then.

“One of the things I can still remember is we were the first batch who was given the chance to have our Blue and Gold headquarters. It was a very exciting moment because it’s an opportunity to have your sacred space where you can creatively express your ideas on certain issues and certain concerns in the school. It was a safe haven.”    

Aside from the messages delivered by former and current Blue and Gold employees, the concert also featured a variety of artists, making the “blast off” concert truly bright and golden.

Performances by Just A Fad, JC Torio, Hijo, 1920, and Astetik—all of whom are solo and group talents composed of Marist School alumni—had been featured throughout the concert. Current Marist students Kendrick Cantos and Sethh were also featured with their electrifying numbers.

The highlights of the entire concert includes guest performers from outside the Marist community. Tykes, Hey June!, The Vowels They Orbit, and Gracenote.

The kick-off concert was an unforgettable way to begin Blue & Gold’s 50th anniversary celebration of their service to Marist School and its students. There’s a lot to be excited about as we celebrate this incredible milestone with the theme: Ursa Major: The Roar of a Bright and Golden Anniversary! Miguel Bulot // Image from Blue and Gold’s Blast off concert Facebook stream

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