The International Marist Community launched the Global Network of Marist Schools on October 29, 2021.. Its goal is to bring together students, coordinators, teachers, and personnel together to form a universal family inspired by the life, mission, and charism of the society’s patron saint. St. Marcellin Champagnat, during his early years as Superior General of the Little Brothers of Mary, his goal was simple yet difficult: ‘to gather all (Marists) around the same table, in a sphere of shared life and responsibility.’

A two-day conference was held in preparation for its launch, which included team building and synchronization toward strategic planning and projects for the future of this constitution. One thing was clear throughout the discussion: Marist life is communal, interdependent, and united, and it is not the result of a single person.

The Marist community would use Agora, a website where students can log in with an account, contact other Maristas through email, join groups, learn more about the Marist mission, send messages, and collaborate with their fellow schoolmates from all seven continents. Engagements from select individuals would be among the first members, as some internationalization coordinators begin forums and proposals for a Global Marist Youth Council.

This network’s primary goal is to create a space for Marists to interact, discuss, bond, and even form friendships. This new frontier proposes a renewed sense of global collaboration, removing the constraints of four classroom walls or school grounds gates. Enrollees can now enter a larger world and cultivate new relationships with those they meet.

Every Marista is part of a global family, a ‘network’ that supports each student on their journey to becoming good Christians and virtuous citizens, all to Jesus through Mary. David Lumba // Image from

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