How’d you spend your February? Most may celebrate the month of love as their Valentine’s, though some may also see it as their independence, liberation, or even ‘alone-time’ day. That being said, this set of songs for this month revolves around the season of love in the air encompassing all forms of love including romantic, self-love, and (totally) platonic expressions.

Cover for the album All I Feel and See by Any Name’s Okay from Spotify
  1. Vivid – Any Name’s Okay (Pop) 2019, 4:30

Vivid’s the perfect song to satisfy your euphoria while vividly dreaming of your wholesome moments and memories with the people you love—whether it’s jamming to your favorite music to lighten up the move, twist up the occasion, or taking a break from the hustle and bustle of online classes.

Cover for the single Float by Joseph Vincent from Spotify
  1. Float – Joseph Vincent (Lo-fi) 2018 3:05

Allow gravity to dissipate and let go of all your concerns. Float away as the beats of this song warm your cozy room and provide you with enough groove to forget about the problems that plague you on a daily basis. While listening to this song, grab a cup of coffee, lie down, and let the wind sweep you off your feet.

Cover for the single Walang Kapantay by The Knobs from Spotify
  1. Walang Kapantay – The Knobs (Alternative Rock/ Folk) 2021, 5:19

This subtle alternative rock song will undoubtedly help you feel the “kilig” that pervades the entire season. This song is for you if you enjoy imagining and listening to compliments or simply if you want your heart to go doki-doki.

Cover for the album One by Gabe Bondoc from Spotify
  1. The One – Gabe Bondoc (Jazz/ Pop) 2019, 2:48

This song, best dedicated to someone as a gift for the season of love, offers a lovely way to compliment by mentioning words of affirmation and confidence-boosting serotonin. You truly wish that another person’s heartbeat would match yours.

Cover for the single An Art Gallery Could Never Be As Unique As You by mrld from Spotify
  1. An Art Gallery Could Never Be As Unique As You – mrld (Alternative/Indie) 2019, 2:38

An ethereal acoustic tune that takes you away into the stars, to a galaxy full of love as unique as your loved one. A sweet voice dripping with genuineness, accompanied by lyrics emphasizing one’s unique personality. A reminder that no matter how you appear, you are loved and a one-of-a-kind individual.

Cover for the single Silver Lining by Ace of Hearts from Spotify
  1. Silver Lining – Ace of Hearts (Indie Rock) 2020, 4:30

A song about a man who had been abandoned by his lover, wondering what he could do to entice her back. The singer’s repeated requests for forgiveness add to the slow tempo in each verse, giving it a tuneful vibe.

Cover for the single DISKO FOREVER by BLASTER from Spotify
  1. DISKO FOREVER – BLASTER (Alternative/Indie) 2021, 5:24

This disco-revival song will revive your long-forgotten feelings of love. It drives you to express your feelings of love by dancing them away. In less than a minute, your heartbeat will match the speed of those groovy drums, not only because of its catchiness, but also because of the feelings of romantic thrill.

Cover for the album Greatest Hit by Rivermaya from Spotify
  1. 214 – Rivermaya (Pop Rock) 1994, 4:34

This Rivermaya OPM Classic’s 90s vibes with its signature guitar solos can truly captivate your heart with tender feelings, making this hopeful masterpiece of a track for Valentine’s Day 2/14! “Forever by their sides,” sing this to your loved ones to express your true feelings for them.

Cover for the compilation Greatest by Bee Gees from Spotify
  1. How Deep Is Your Love – Bee Gees (Slow Ballad) 1977, 4:16

Warm and constant love is the best kind of love. How strong is your bond with your significant other? Or, if not, your family? This timeless, slow-rock song will demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt how precious the intimacy a person gives from their heart to you is.

Cover for the album Let’s Talk About Love by Celine Dion from Spotify
  1. My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion (Pop) 1997, 4:39

This heavenly piece of music, with the iconic flute melody and gentle piano accompaniment, from the timeless 1997 romantic drama “Titanic” reveals that no matter what happens; whether it’s an aching breakup or a family loss; love is forever. And clinging to the past is natural as long as you keep moving forward. So just listen carefully, and your heart will undoubtedly continue to beat.

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