Walt Disney Animation Studios is back with another tear-jerking, family-centered, musical film titled ‘Encanto’. Released on November 24, 2021, and has, since then, swayed many people’s hearts and infected the public with Last Song Syndrome (LSS) for ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’, one of the songs found in the film’s official soundtracks.

To summarize, the Miracle Candle bestows powers onto the Madrigals and their home, allowing them to protect the town they live in, which is hidden within Columbia. Our main character, Mirabel, discovers years later that she holds the fate of the Miracle, the Madrigals, and her Encanto.

The film depicts the mystical adventures and endeavors undertaken by the gifted Madrigals to care for their town. Abuela Almam, the family’s oldest member, despite not having any powers, rules the family. Let’s have a roll call! Pepa can manipulate the weather with her emotions, Bruno can see the future, and Julieta can heal you with just one arepa! Dolores’ super-hearing allows her to hear a pin drop, Camilo’s shape-shifting can amuse people, and Antonio can communicate with animals. Isabela can grow and control flowers and plants, Luisa can carry the weight of the world with her superhuman strength. Mirabel, however, unfortunately did not acquire any powers.

Although the Madrigals appear to be the ideal family, what occurs within the Encanto is far from perfect. Especially Abuela and Mirabel, whose relationship both deepens and fractures throughout the film due to unreasonable expectations set for the latter, with her being powerless.

Encanto is a must-see with the family especially in February, the month of love, because that is exactly what Encanto is about: the familial love found in Filipino households. Anyone can relax and enjoy the colorful and vibrant film, while singing along, and laughing out loud!

Oh, and if anyone asks, Hernando told us Bruno’s not available. Lee Dominique Halili // Image from Walt Disney Animation Studios

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