Arcane is an action-adventure animated series created by Riot Games, the company behind the legendary multiplayer video game, League of Legends. Aside from League’s exhilarating gameplay and unrivaled mechanics, much attention to detail has always been placed in the lore behind the game’s characters and backstories. Riot Games has always exceeded expectations when it comes to producing background stories and mini skits for the characters even though they serve no purpose save for world-building. In a sense, the lore was only written to add to the game’s aesthetic. Only in Arcane was Riot Games given the chance to fully convey the stories behind these characters, and the results have been nothing short of groundbreaking. 

To summarize, the plot involves two main clashing groups, the wealthy elitists of the utopia, Piltover, and the rebels of the dark undercity, Zaun. The series revolves around the unfolding of the events caused by this conflict and how it affects the relationships of main characters Jinx and Vi. The show is full of unexpected shocking twists that are sure to keep a viewer at the edge of their seats. 

With only the story being based on the video game game, Arcane was able to create and weave together intricate and entertaining storylines. The experiences that both the protagonists and antagonists go through are far from the usual but remain digestible and appealing. The characters’ personalities are grounded in situations that people can relate to, making the climactic events more emotional and impactful. The show was even able to tackle real-life problems such as class divide and power struggle. Their stories are worth telling and how they clash and mix is what makes the show good.

Arcane’s quality is exemplified with the outstanding animation by studio Fortiche coupled with an amazing soundtrack. The best part about Arcane is that viewers need not play the game to appreciate the series. If you plan on watching it, you may do so without bothering to play the game. Instead, grab yourself a bowl of popcorn and start binging the series.

Rebels from the undercity of Zaun march across a bridge into Piltover, causing the Piltover enforcers to retaliate with a violent and brutal counterattack. Powder and Vi find their parents dead in the ruins during the ensuing bloodshed and are taken in by Vander, the leader of people from Zaun. The series revolved around Jinx (Powder) growing up as she came from stealing from Piltover’s vaults and Laboratories. Arcane explained their life with the story lines from the original lore used in the game League of Legends. 

Arcane was created by Riot Games with the help of their production partners, Fortiche and Netflix. Riot Games was great at producing lores and mini skits of their game characters. They like to base it on the main lore of a champion in League or an Agent in Valorant, 2 of the most well known games that Riot Games has produced. Also coming in trends was the musicals played in the series. Enemy by Imagine Dragons was a hit and was the main theme song of the show. 

Arcane was a great series to watch whether you are a big fan of League of Legends or you just came across it while looking at shows on netflix. It serves you unique storylines coming from the game League of Legends. Big names were the voice of many characters in Arcane, starring Hailee Steinfield and Ella Purnell.  Mark Calisura and Joseph Caballa // Image from Riot Games

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