Have you ever felt like you’re missing out on something you’ve never had? For this month’s playlist, our writers curated a collection of songs that spark nostalgia for a time when most Maristas did not experience. To anyone enamored with old songs, this playlist is for you.

  1. Smash Mouth – All Star (Alternative Rock/Pop) 1999, 4:56
  • Feeling the blues and need a song to lift your spirits? Smash Mouth’s iconic “All-Star” is here to remind you that no matter where you live, what you do, or who you are, you can overcome your limitations and shine brightly to the rest of the world one day. “You’ll never know if you don’t go,” so come and listen to this smashing melody!
  1. Enya – Only Time (New-Age/Pop) 2000, 3:38
  • This track’s orchestral harps, synths, and lulling vocals will elicit indefinable emotions, full of peace yet melancholic. It describes life and the unpredictability of what will happen next—which will make you question yourself, when? “And who can say? “ – Only time will tell.
  1. Tom Cochrane – Life is a Highway (Country Rock) 1991, 4:35
  • How fast are we driving on the highway of life? The disasters of the last few years may have slowed us down, but life, despite its ups and downs, continues to move forward because we are the vehicles that drive on our highways. So, “fellow survivor,” what are you waiting for? Tune in to this upbeat and energetic 90s song; ready, set, go!
  1. A-ha – Take on Me (Synth-pop) 1984 3:49
  • Popularly known for its upbeat percussion and strong internet presence, this track will get you up on your feet and dance! The signature piano riff strikes a chord and entices you to listen to the rest of the song. The unforgettable vocals tempt you to sing along even if you don’t exactly hit the right notes. Put this song on repeat and it will surely transport you back in time.
  1. The Proclaimers – I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) (Alternative Rock) 1988 3:37
  • Go for a 500-mile walk; this song has traveled through time and is still standing today. The song will have you jumping up and down with its bright percussion and unique delivery of vocals! The catchy chorus will have you yelling “Da da da da!” “from your windows.
  1. Billy Joel – We Didn’t Start the Fire (Pop Rock) 1989 4:29
  • A song that appears to be controversial but is actually a lot of fun! You’ll be slamming your desk to the beat of the drums in no time if you don’t think much about the lyrics. Since all of the events he mentioned occurred in the past, it’s pretty clear that we can’t blame ourselves for starting the fire now, can we? Instead, let’s just listen to the song and groove together!
  1. Tears For Fears – Everybody Wants To Rule The World (New wave/Synth-pop) 1985, 4:11
  • This Tears for Fears hit will transport you back to the mid-80s. The tone of the effects-heavy electric guitar and sleek vocals combine to create an elevating song. Its dated lyrics, surprisingly, describe recent and upcoming events. Because, let’s face it, everyone wants to rule the world.
  1. APO Hiking Society – Blue Jeans (OPM/Pop) 1982, 4:19
  • Worried about your online high school life? Take a break from your work and listen to this classic OPM song that will resonate with all high school students, as students face high levels of stress even today. The combination of a catchy tune, drums, and horns will undoubtedly make you “Hoo!”
  1. TOTO – Africa (Pop/Soft Rock) 1982 4:55
  • A memorable melody accompanied by a flute tune transports you to a continent that many of us are familiar with but never really think about. Africa. Its lyrics, complemented by a slow but steady tempo, sing of true love for the Mother Continent from which we all descended. An iconic 80s song that will transport you back in time.
  1. Queen – Somebody To Love (Rock/Gospel) 1976, 4:56
  • Everyone experiences feelings of loneliness, longing, and possibly desperation. Those same emotions were expressed in the lyrics of this song by Queen, the legendary rock band. Skilled percussion, guitar, and piano sustain spine-shivering, choir-like vocals, which culminate in a dramatic crescendo of altos and sopranos as the singer’s emotions shine through

Visit this link to listen to the playlist that has been specially curated for you: http://bit.ly/bgphoctoberplaylist.

Article by Gabrielle Louie Alejo, Aidan Dela Santa, and Martin Victorino

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