Minecraft is a popular sandbox game created years ago. It was alive for so long that for many, it had become a part of their childhood. But how did this giant of a game become how we know it today?

Minecraft was created by Markus Perrson, also known as “Notch.” It was said that he lived in a small town surrounded by forestry and was an obsessive Lego fan. These experiences inspired Notch to create a game that would define the childhood of many.

But how does Minecraft bring us together as a community? 

When Minecraft was first released, the unique game concept known as survival mode drew fans in. These fans began to create small communities and as the game’s updates became more frequent, more people became caught wind of the game. Many players were captivated, and the community began to expand. 

Many players were able to meet and make friends in-game thanks to Minecraft’s multiplayer feature. The joy of being invited to a server to do whatever you want: build, explore, and adventure made the game stand out. The sandbox game was able to easily form bonds between its players.

The online servers were another story because they allowed us to play game modes, such as Spleef, Bed Wars, and Hide & Seek, a game wherein the player can disguise themselves as a block to hide from the seekers. Hunger Games follows the same plot as the novels, with players being spawned in an arena where the goal is to be the last person standing.

Another important aspect of how Minecraft is able to help players connect with each other is how well the community alters the game through mods. If people became bored with the base game, players could find new content through mods. It transforms the vanilla world into something new and exciting, redefining how people play with it.

Attractive builds created by other Minecraft players could also be explored to spark your imagination so you too could challenge yourself to create something colorful, distinct, and unique. When a build is finished, it can be shared to your friends to show that you created something unique.

In addition, players can learn, think, and build sophisticated machines using complex redstone circuitry. This includes understanding how a repeater or comparator works in order to build various automated farms or complex contraptions that can be compared to real-life electronics.

Many would still be trapped in a box, unable to release their creativity, if it weren’t for Minecraft, which provides more freedom than reality—freedom to create, explore, and do so many other things. Minecraft has endless possibilities and is just waiting for you to express your creativity and imagination. Haniel Pinlac // Image from Minecraft’s official website

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