Despite being at home, the Marist community came together as one to celebrate the Science and Religion week, which had formally opened last November 15, 2021. 

This year’s theme is “SnR: Respond and Renew; Science and Religion responding to the challenges of the times in renewing God’s ‘Oikos,” which recognizes that in the face of a pandemic, Maristas must be responsible guardians of God’s creation and focused on taking immediate action to preserve our common home.

The subject area coordinators of the Science and Religion Department, Ms. Shellah Tabayoyong and Mr. Francis Santos, respectively, shared their messages for Maristas to be reminded of the importance of the celebration.

According to Ms. Tabayoyong, Maristas can enrich their science skills by “engaging with the varied activities and tasks that they do in their classes,” which will allow them to “develop basic scientific skills like observing, inferring, measuring, and communicating” in order to “direct their own learning by understanding how to solve problems, monitor their own learning, and be motivated to discover new things and complete a task.

Mr. Santos has encouraged Maristas to perform the “Laudato Si 211” in their daily life,  keeping with the theme of the festival. Mr. Santos stated, “Small acts such as avoiding [the] use of plastic, reducing water consumption, waste segregation, cooking only what can presumably be consumed, and showing care to other living creatures will help save our common home.

The celebration of Science and Religion week is a continuation of our school’s commemoration of the Season of Creation,” Mr. Santos said in connection with his words of encouragement. “This is just highlighting the fact that our concern for our common is not only during the season of creation but whole year-round. This celebration is pointing to us that we should all act now to save our common home.

In accordance with the subject area celebration, Ms. Tabayoyong also shared a message to all Maristas: “As we celebrate Science and Religion week with the theme: SnR: Respond and Renew, Science and Religion responding to the challenges of the times in renewing the “Oikos” of God, we ask everyone to not only be aware of what is happening but to become active stewards and guardians of God’s creation. In this regard, different activities are in store for you this week that will surely enlighten you on what is happening around us and how to take action.  It is not yet too late, let us all do our part.

Doing small acts of kindness for our common home throughout the year, not only during the celebration, broadens our skills and could lead to great outcomes when done by every Marista. Not only are we encouraged to act, but we are also being called to be a part of the solution.

The celebration of Science and Religion Week reminds us that we can all do our share in doing good deeds for our common home and becoming active guardians of God’s creation. Xian Dato

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