Netflix’s new thriller took the world by storm thanks to its spectacular performance and dramatic storyline. You’ve seen clips of the series on plenty of platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook; maybe you’ve already been spoiled! But despite possible spoilers, the series is a sure must-watch, and here’s why:

Gi-hun is a man deep in debt from gambling, unable to support himself and his family. While walking home, a mysterious stranger at the train station offers him to play a Korean street game called ddakji, for ₩100,000 (roughly ₱4,219). After taking a beating, Gi-hun gets his money along with a curious phone number. The same stranger offered Gi-hun an opportunity to earn lots of money by playing other children’s games. Driven by his devastating financial condition and desire to protect his daughter, he took the offer.

He is then dropped into a prison with 455 other players, bearing only numbers as their identities. Faceless guards welcome them to the competition as the rules are presented: play six contests inspired by Korean children’s games for a chance to have their debts paid off. Follow the rules and win. Lose and get eliminated. Little did they know, however, that elimination was permanent.

The first game is called Red light, Green light, overseen by a robot doll that chants whenever it’s safe to move. Green light means it’s safe to move while red light means stop—or you’ll die. Hundreds of players were not able to get the message, and when the bodies started dropping, chaos ensued until only two hundred remained. Gi-Hun survives the game with fewer than half of the original players left. After begging the guards to stop the games and release them, desperation and dire circumstances are sure to lead them back to these fatal games.

Gi-hun may be alive for now, but will he make it through the rest of the games and pay off his debts?

Find out on the freshly released Netflix series, Squid Game. Luis Revilla

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