It’s that season again, when we are given the chance to choose the people who will lead our country. Our trust has been placed in people who appear to be ‘true’ leaders whom we can trust based on their powerful charisma, popularity, or even their ability to sing and dance—all of which are accompanied by promises if elected. When it is time for us to vote for the future leaders of our land, let us raise the question: did their performances, charisma, and popularity solve societal problems? 

What happened to us when the government opted not to impose a travel ban as soon as the virus was discovered, or when they joked about disinfecting facemasks by dousing them with gasoline during the usual national address instead of providing solutions? Considering the administration’s performance in the office during the pre-pandemic years and today, as well as the fact that COVID-19 is still active and spreading in our country, it’s clear how their decisions have affected us.

Additionally, we have seen with our own eyes the events that occurred at the beginning of the administration which marked the start of a bloodbath that has affected many. With the election season approaching, it is up to us to vote wisely for the country’s future leaders who will succeed the existing administration and decide what is best for our country without putting us in harm’s way.

Let us also check our dear leaders that are close to our home. From how they responded to the pandemic to preparing for natural disasters like floods which have tested our local leaders’ abilities. As such, we must decide who to re-elect as mayor of our beloved city. Regardless of how responsive they have been, we must take into account if they did it for the people or for other matters as we must also choose those who have the intention to serve and lead.

Former US President Abraham Lincoln once said “A government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the Earth”. In the same vein, if we elect leaders of the people who would stand by the people and do what is best for them, we will not be faced with the same, ever-present issues.

Tyranny can arise not as a result of a coup d’etat, but as a result of the people giving power to tyrants. If we want our leaders to decide what’s best for us, we must educate ourselves and be critical this election season by looking into their performance as public servants, and not anything else.

Since we gave them the power to decide in the first place, we are, in a way, equally responsible for the consequences of their decisions.

According to Roald Dahl, “Somewhere inside of us is the power to change the world,”. We can all contribute to the change that we truly desire in our beloved country, but it will only be possible if we elect the right people to power. When 2022 arrives, remember to vote wisely for our fate as a nation is in your hands! Mark Andrei De Leon

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