We students are at it again, another year of conquering what online learning has in store for us. Numerous tasks and sleepless nights may wear us out, make us feel panicked and stressed out. But this playlist is sure to cool you down, ease you into a cozy rest with acoustic tones to stave off your worries.

  1. Harry Styles – From the Dining Table (Indie Pop/Folk Pop) 2017 3:32
  • Harry Styles has been known for his flamboyant and flashy personality and behind that lovely face lies an angelic voice that millions adore. The song “From the Dining Table” paints Harry as a heartbroken man jealous of his past partner’s new life. A lonely acoustic guitar backs up forlorn lyrics, erupting into a pleasant crescendo that is sure to tug your heartstrings.
  1. NOBITA – Ikaw Lang (Indie Rock/Neo-Soul/OPM) 2020 4:24
  • The strumming of strings starts things off, but the accompaniment of vocals—with the crashing waves of drums and electric guitars—puts us into the shoes of one who is loved like a love potion. Whether you’re single or not, this is how you can get a feel for that type of affection…and beyond.
  1. Hozier – Cherry Wine – Live (Acoustic/Indie Rock) 2014 4:00
  • This stripped down tune consists of only a warm acoustic guitar and Hozier’s husky yet soft voice. This musical match-up will quell all worries and doubts upon your first listen, but don’t let the track’s peaceful atmosphere fool you: an abusive relationship is painfully laid out in his lines. Nevertheless, “Cherry Wine” ends up here because of its calming aura. Oh, and the birds in the background too!
  1. Adie – Paraluman (Folk Rock/OPM)  2021 5:12
  • We all definitely need unconditional love in a serious relationship, and this is what “Paraluman” is all about. Soothing vocals and an instrumental that just pops out at the right times will easily get you hooked..  
  1. Jess Benko – A Soulmate Who Wasn’t Meant to Be (Acoustic/Indie) 5:16
  • This aspiring young songwriting talent presents us the extinguished love of a couple that once was; things didn’t work out, and they are now strangers in each other’s eyes though they were once the joy of each other’s hearts. A lonely guitar and even lonelier lyrics will be good friends when you yourself feel down and lonely.
  1. SB19 – MAPA (OPM/Soul Ballad) 2021 4:35
  • While students may be busy with countless tests and assignments, we must remember that family is always there for us. This lush and powerful ballad harps on the love and care our parents provide us, and that we should pay them back with love in gratitude. By the song’s end, “La-ta-ra-ta-ra” will be stuck in your head along with dear family memories. 
  1. New West – Next To You (Acoustic Pop/Indie Rock) 2020 3:52
  • This screams the desperate longing of loving someone you miss, something completely relatable in this second year of online classes. Guitars, pianos, and synths will make you float and make your heart flutter when you’re head over heels for someone.
  1. Janine Teñoso, Arthur Nery – Pelikula (OPM/Chill Rnb) 3:24
  • Even if destiny separates two lovers, there’s always hope that they’ll find each other in the end like it’s a movie… and this song is that movie. Mellow guitars and steady drums slowly pan out in the background, letting its singers shine all the more just like starstruck lovers—and honestly, who doesn’t want a relationship straight out of a movie like that?
  1. 92914 – Okinawa (Korean-Indie/Bedroom Pop) 2018 5:48
  • Assignments and exams can stress students out to the max, so why not escape to the sea with this gentle tune? The falling of ocean waves punctuated by the occasional bird will immediately take you to the beach. It’s the song suited for rest after finishing all your schoolwork or when you just want to put it in the back of your mind for a few minutes.
  1. Belle Mariano – Sigurado (OPM/Folk Ballad) 2021 3:28
  • This song is perfect for escaping the weight of schoolwork through the power of thinking about your crush. Chirpy lyrics rising above hazy guitars encapsulate what it’s like to daydream in a romance while you have a hundred things on your to-do list. 

Visit this link to listen to the playlist that has been specially curated for you: http://bit.ly/bgphoctoberplaylist.

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