Marist School formally opened school year 2021-2022 last August 31, welcoming students for another year of virtual education.

With the pandemic still present within the Philippines, Marist School is now in its second year of implementing its virtual learning program, the Marist VIOLETS (Virtual and Integral Online Education through Technology and Support Systems). This year also marks a milestone for the school as it begins the implementation of the co-ed system of learning.

Both the junior high school Cluster 2) and senior high school (Cluster 3) held their respective online orientations through Zoom to inform and guide students on the rules, schedules, and curricula for the whole school year.

Amidst the new normal, both students and teachers were able to interact with one another virtually with “kamustahans” during their first few subject meetings.

Ms. Shamira Liz Arguelles, a student from Grade 12 Hermitage, shared her experience as a new Marista last school year, “Ever since I transferred to Marist, it felt like a second home to me. I have always been shy around the opposite sex but when I met my new classmates last school year, they have welcomed me and helped me cope with the online set-up.”

“I have never smiled and laughed so much before enrolling at Marist. My friends were really the ones who made my school year tolerable despite the pandemic,” Ms. Arguelles added.

Likewise sharing her expectations for the school year ahead, Ms. Arguelles said, “Although I prefer my last high school year to be face-to-face, I look forward to making new memories not only with my classmates but also with my teachers. It hasn’t been easy last year but everything was worth it in the end since I got to experience being in a co-ed school again.”

Marist School is also prepared to shift into blended learning once conditions eventually allow the implementation of face-to-face classes. But for as long as the threat of the pandemic lingers, the school will continue to deliver the Marist VIOLETS to ensure the safety and well-being of all the students. Matthew Perez

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