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Application to the Blue & Gold is open to all enrolled Grade 7 to Grade 12 students. Interested students are required to accomplish an online application form. Depending on the department, they will either answer a qualifying test or submit requirements.

For more inquiries, contact us at or message us in any of our social media accounts.

Students who applied during the year-end applications for school year 2020-2021 DO NOT need to apply anymore. Your results will be released together with this batch of applicants.

Department Applications

Below are the requirements for each department. Be noted that all application forms are open from September 6 (12:00 pm) to September 10, 2021 (6:00 pm).

Writing (English and Filipino writers): Take the online test or submit sample works
Application form:

Photography (Photographers and videographers): Submit your 2 to 5 best works
Application form:

Creative (Graphic artists and digital artists): Take the online test and submit sample work/s
Application form:

Broadcast (Episode writers, streamers): Take the online test
Application form:

Tambayang Marista Hosts Audition

Enlistment form are open from September 6 (12:00 pm) to September 10, 2021 (6:00 pm) Below are the qualifications for interested applicants.

  • Be a Grade 9 to Grade 12 student
  • Ready to collaborate from home in preparation for each episode
  • Enthusiastic in pop culture, internet culture, and social discussions
  • Passionate with creating entertaining content
  • Strong oral communication skills

Enlistment form:


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