In a virtual graduation ceremony for the 219 senior high school graduates, Ana Katrina Asuncion, Marist’s first female valedictorian, encourages the graduates to live out the value of service as taught by the school.

“Marist taught us the essence of being of service to others, it showed us the importance of selflessness and love of work. As we leave the institution, let us continue living out the value of being of service to others,” Asuncion said.

The valedictorian, who was also recognized as best in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) strand, applauded the batch for the hard work that they have done throughout the school year and reminded them that college life awaits.

“My fellow graduates, we taste the sweetness of the fruits of our hard work. We did a great job in surviving the challenging years and reaching this graduation ceremony. Our high school life ends here, but our college life awaits us,” she said.

Blue & Gold’s tribute video to Batch 2021

Asuncion said that learning from experiences is part of growing up and that one must grab this opportunity to grow more as an individual and always aim for their goals.

“You will encounter hardships, but as long as you do not lose sight of your goal, surely you will find a way to continue journeying to achieve success,” reminded Asuncion.

She shared that being female and non-Catholic in a predominantly Catholic school for boys led her to new experiences in Marist.

“Spending time with my classmates beyond class hours and outside of school either to hang out or buy necessary things was a new experience for me,” Asuncion shared.

Blue & Gold’s Patnugot sa Filipino, Arden Anagap, also led the graduates as the batch salutatorian, who emphasized celebrating “getting by.”

“Getting by is often discouraged. But knowing the struggles of a pandemic and online classes, getting by is more important,” Anagap said during the Welcome Address. Mark Andrei De Leon

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