During quarantine, your actions are extremely restricted. As a kid, you can’t go outside, while those who can have to observe strict health guidelines. So, you had to be creative if you didn’t want to die of boredom.

I’m barely even a grown-up, but I’ve already started programming video games. You may find it weird or, maybe, astonishing. Either way, I’ll be going over how I was able to set foot at this juncture in my life.

One day, I booted up my PC, whilst reckoning that it would be a monotonous day like always. After playing some video games, I noticed an application that I’ve forgotten about for quite a while. It was PyCharm, an integrated development environment or IDE (think of it like Adobe Photoshop but for programmers) for the Python programming language.

Curiously, I watched a tutorial online for how to code in Python and began honing the skills that I needed to start programming. This was the start of my game development journey.

Since then, I’ve learned a lot about programming and game development. I’ve tried programming languages like Java, Lua, and C/C++ for my games, and tried game engines from Godot to GB Studio. At present, Under the username Kwago Games, I’ve already made more than 13 video games, all of which were posted on Itch.io, a website for users to publish their own game creations.

Below is a list of my top 3 most favorite games that I personally developed.

1. The Other World

You control a penguin who needs to get his money back, but to do that, you will need to go to the Other World. One half of the level is as normal as it can be, but the other is a distorted version of the first half. Can you get all of your lost funds? Only one way to find out…

2. Pyrgos

Out of all of my other games, Pyrgos has the most decent graphics by far in my opinion. It is a simple platformer game where you have to escape a tower that is slowly being swallowed by a mysterious force that will destroy anything in its path. It’s quite fun—go check it out!

3. Fruitshot

If you love games with cute but deadly fruits, then Fruitshot is the game for you! It’s a simple game about dodging bullets and shooting at the evil fruits that are attacking you. Your main weapon are balls that turn deadly when they bounce off of something. Think you’re up for the challenge?

Hopefully, this article inspires you to make your own video games as well! In case you do plan to develop one, just always remember that you can’t make a game overnight and that you will need to achieve the necessary skills first before you do so. Good luck! Dustin Uy

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