May 8 to 9, 2021—Together with 350 delegates from the country and abroad, members of the Marist Debate Society (MDS) took part in the 7th De La Salle Model United Nations entitled “Utilizing Multidisciplinary Mediums Towards Global Cooperation in the Post-Pandemic Society,” which is the largest model united nations conference held in the Philippines.

Each participant was given a country and a United Nations (UN) committee assignment, wherein they helped address the problems raised by their committees with the guide of their country’s foreign policy and stance on the issue.

According to Marxus Magisa, MDS’ public relations officer and one of the Marist participants, having a Model United Nations (MUN) in these times helps the youth practice collaboration.

“This prepares the youth for the future where they will need to work with one another to create a better one,” Magisa said. 

Preparations, which include learning the basic terms used in the conference during club meetings and webinars hosted by De La Salle University, were made before the conference regarding issues raised by different UN committees.

“We all worked hard and learned a lot of things–from international relations to fighting what you stand for. But the most valuable effect that it had on MDS [were] the friends and connections made during our time in the event,” Magisa shared. 

During the two-day conference, the participants were also given the opportunity to listen to messages from UN Secretary-General António Guterres, Vice President Leni Robredo, and Atty. Chel Diokno.

Through MDS, Marist School was recognized as a platinum partner of the De La Salle Model United Nations organization.  

MDS members who participated in the MUN as part of UN Security Council were Marxus Magisa (Côte d’lvoire), Marc Manuel (Belgium), and Mark De Leon (Belgium). 

In the UN Environment Programme, the delegates were Jakob Agbing (Congo), David Lumba (Colombia), Julian Quintana (Maldives), Ethan Martinez (Nigeria), and Julio Tabas (Laos).

Meanwhile, the delegates for the Food and Agriculture Organization were Enzo Calavera (Afghanistan), Gabriel Suarez (Congo), Gabriel Enorme (Cuba), and Robert Crucero (Algeria). 

The participants for the UN Human Rights Council were Angelo Lizardo (Tongo) and Antonio Nate (Burkina Faso). 

Participants for the UN Conference on Trade and Development were Marv Volpane (Norway), Martin Victorino (Belize), Kyle Comia (Indonesia), and Rohan Derez (Ecuador).

Finally, the delegates in the World Health Organization (WHO) are Albert Ritualo (Somalia), Johan Torio (Mauritania), Glenn Sina-on (Malta), Emmanuel Abelardo (Turkey), and Pacino Gaston (Panama). Michael Mendoza

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