Last April 26 to 30, 2021,  students took part in this year’s Technology Livelihood Education (TLE)  Week entitled “TLE @ Work in the New Normal.”

“I think this year’s celebration is unique. Students applied what they learned from the different areas of TLE,” Mr. Joseph Echano, TLE subject area coordinator, shared. 

Mr. Echano hoped that students were able to learn something from the webinars and realize the importance of being good and responsible digital citizens.

“[I hope] that students were able to have fun, learn, and develop camaraderie in the different activities. They should step aside from the problems and enjoy themselves while at home. [May] they realize that there is a rainbow after the rain and [that in] God’s guidance, we will pass through this pandemic,” he added.  

Different activities were done, such as poster and recipe making for Grade 7 students and poster making for Grade 8 students. LED designing was tasked to Grade 9 students, while circuit designing was done by the students of Grade 10. 

Meanwhile, Grade 11 students had a webinar regarding Digital Arts and Adobe Lightroom. The students of Grade 12 had a webinar on video editing, OBS, and live streaming. Senior high school students also spearheaded an esports league and participated in game development activities.

Webinars, hosted by Technokids Philippines, were also held for students which tackled netiquette, cyberbullying, cybersecurity, 21st century learning through social media, and the responsible use of social media, among others. 

The planning for the celebration was also different from previous school years.

“For the planning, the department considered the different factors like time allotted for each class period, loadings of the teachers, and limitation of resources for the activities,” Mr. Echano said. 

“Definitely, we had to do our activities online. Because of the support of the principal, assistant principals from Clusters 1 to 4, webinar speakers, TLE teachers, and ICT personnel, we were able to [have] a successful TLE week [celebration],” he added. Martin Victorino

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