While the Philippines has received deliveries of more than 7 million vaccines against COVID-19, Our World in Data reports on May 11, 2021 that only 0.47% of Filipinos are fully vaccinated.

Dr. Alwyna Divinagracia-Gayapanao, Marist School physician, said that if a person is within the age bracket, it is highly recommended to get vaccinated as long as there are no other health concerns that might prevent them from doing so.

The country aims to vaccinate 58 million to 78 million of its population by November to achieve herd immunity, which happens when a significant number of people are immune to COVID-19.

The government reports that a total of 2.6 million doses have been administered as of May 14. Meanwhile, as of May 11, the number of fully vaccinated Filipinos have reached 517,113.

The Philippines has a population of 109.58 million

Lifted from Our World in Data

“Hopefully, the vaccines will help us control this virus by developing immunity from it,” Dr. Gayapanao said.

According to Dr. Gayapanao, a vaccine is one of the armamentarium (medicines, equipment, and techniques available to a medical practitioner) used to fight pandemics.

“Trials for children have started, and soon, data will be available for its safety and efficacy for the younger age group,” she added. 

The school physician said that concerns about the Sinovac vaccine from China were addressed by the experts reviewing additional studies about it.

“All of the vaccines are in their trial stage, and the data on how long it can protect us is still in progress. That is why we are still reminded to follow minimum health protocols,” the school physician reminded. Martin Victorino & Mr. Juan Miguel Villon

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