Senior high school students placed second in “Catalyze,” a case development competition hosted by the Ateneo Management of Applied Chemistry Association (MACA) last March 27, 2021.

Their product for the competition, ‘Laiban Kalikasan,’ was a cogon-based protective layer for fragile products in transit. The product was designed to secure the environmental and economic sustainability of the Laiban community.

The participants were divided into two teams. Those who were part of the core team came up with ideas, conducted research, composed a business plan, and prepared for a presentation, while the auxiliary team helped with the research on different aspects of the product. 

Both teams also had interviews with the locals from the Laiban community in Tanay, Rizal to better understand their situation. 

Adela Camposano, a participant from the auxiliary team, said that their team was divided into smaller groups so that more work could be done.

“Furthermore, we contacted a representative of the Laiban community to gather accurate information about them,” Camposano added. 

Katrina Ascuncion, a participant from the core team, believes that more product research was needed by their team.

“I regretted not being able to research more about the chemistry aspect of the proposal in which the judges were more particular with,” Asuncion shared. 

Regardless of the results, Camposano believes that they were able to put their effort into their product.

“We tried our best to address the issue of the Laiban community which was to come up with better sustainable packaging and marketing strategy for their products,” Camposano shared. 

Members of the core team were Arden Anagap, Ana Katrina Asuncion, Bea Marie Ongkiko, Joseph Miguel Cruz, and Marrion Samuel Torres. The participants of the auxiliary team were Adela Camposano, Sophia Linguis, Laurence Alfonso, Paul Francis Martinez, Aladdin Pasco, Napoleon Dela Cruz, and Danielle Santos. Andrew Cepe

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