To give the spotlight to all female leaders around the world, senior high school students organized a program entitled “Imperatrix: Empowering Women in Leadership” which was held last March 30, 2021, and was streamed through the school’s Facebook page. 

According to Pio Gavino, Imperatrix’s program head, the importance of being in leadership roles has the undoubted benefit of representation. The problems of women are identified and addressed if there are actual women in leadership to take the initiative and spearhead efforts to remedy them. 

“Imperatrix, with its goal and subtext ‘empowering women in leadership,’ made its first mark to raise awareness on the capabilities of women in Marist who are thought to be a minority, still need to be represented, and seen as equals to [a] male-dominated population,” Gavino said.

“To address it externally, one of the things we need to consider is that we have to give women equal chances of being heard and represented. Women in society are put at a disadvantage because people in power, who are typically male, do not understand the problems that women face because they don’t experience them,” Gavino added 

During the opening remarks, Mrs. Charissa Guevarra, Cluster 4 assistant principal, thanked all the women for the work that they did every day to accomplish their goals.

“We thank all women who are watching right now for the work you do every day to accomplish individual and professional goals. It is a testament that our role as women is no longer associated with stereotypes of doing household chores, [neither] in pursuits of being seen in red lipstick,” Mrs. Guevarra said. 

A webinar was also conducted by Ms. Gladys Millioga, coordinator of the First Time Voters Network, which aimed to raise the meaningful participation of the youth in the Philippines’ electoral processes. 

For Gavino, voting is one of the most important social rights and duties.

“It paves way for representation and therefore empowerment. We saw the importance of youth voting and how [it] directly translated to social change and improvement of the state of society and highlighted women’s contribution to the voting process. It gave a clear picture of what it means to utilize our vote as a means of benefiting society as a whole,” Gavino shared

The program was further supported in raising awareness with messages from female leaders such as Congresswoman Stella Quimbo, Senator Risa Hontiveros, and Vice President Leni Robredo. 

Various performances were also exhibited by senior high school students and Grade 12 students of the afternoon shift in celebration of women’s month.

“Overall, as a program, with the bulk of its content being a talent show, its speartip lay in its ability to raise awareness and improve the perception of the audience towards women of our society and normalizing their presence as leaders in society,” Gavino added. Mark Andrei De Leon // Screenshot courtesy of Imperatrix organizing committee

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