Last March 8 to 12, 2021, students took part in the MAPEH week celebration entitled “Time to R.E.L.A.X: Relieve and Energize through Leisure Activities and Exercise” virtually.

According to Mr. Jerrico Hubalde, Subject-Area coordinator for the MAPEH Department, the theme was derived from the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced people to stay at home and where movements from going out of the house to do outdoor activities were limited.

“Staying at home is not a hindrance in doing activities that will make you relax and relieve stress. So we came up with a theme that highlighted the purpose and benefits of leisure and exercise that can be done at home,” Mr. Hubalde said.

Activities such as “Free Moves Like a Jogger” and “Sing Mo, Sing ko, Music Natin To” were given to Grade 7 students, while the students of Grade 8 were assigned with “Listening Asia” and were asked to make an infographic about the prevention of communicable diseases.

Grade 9 students made a presentation of skill drills for Ultimate Frisbee and Grade 10 students created a video demonstration of bodyweight exercises entitled “Tabata Marista.”

Finally, Grade 11 students had an activity entitled “Time To Relax, Time to Rest,” where they made a resistance training video, while grade 12 students were assigned with the “HIITting the gym at home.”

Mr. Hubalde said that the activities were to encourage participation and appreciation of various leisure and physical activities that can be done at home.

“Participation such as these enhances one’s mental and physical health, which consequently fosters positive mood, alertness, and better productivity,” Mr. Hubalde said.

Mr. Hubalde hoped that self-realization, discipline in taking good care of physical fitness, spending time in meaningful and beneficial leisure activities, and participation in physical activities are things that students learned from the celebration. Andrew Cepe

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