Last January 29, 2021, Marist held an institutional mass in thanksgiving for the school’s retirees and service awardees presided by Rev. Fr. Jimmy Anastacio, CRSP.

In his homily, he stated the importance of not being afraid to start small. 

“Be faithful in the big things and even with the small things. Because even with these small things, this will be the one that will move mountains,” Fr. Anastacio said.

He narrated how Marist might have begun and how its surrounding community continues to grow. Fr. Anastacio also addressed the personnel about the privilege of cooperating with the Kingdom of God.

“You are not simply working for the institution, but you are working for the Kingdom of God,” he added.

A total of 24 personnel were recognized after the mass.

Five-year service awardees include Mrs. Desiree Catalan, Mrs. Princess Aycardo, Mr. Joshua Delariarte, and Mr. Angelo Maralit, Mrs. Glazia Naniong, Ms. Shana Shimzue, and Mr. Miguel Villon. 

The ten-year service awardees were acknowledged, namely, Mr. Achilles Nano and Ms. Cherry Villaspin. It was followed by the recognition of 15-year service awardees: Mrs. Edselle Balais, Dr. Alwyna Gayapanao, Mrs. Cecilia Gutierrez, Mrs. Nancy Lim, and Mr. Frederic Tan.

Twenty-year service awardees were honored. They are Ms. Nemia Abiday, Ms. Corazon Bautista, Mr. Adolf Fan, and Mrs. Marites Magleo. 

Further, the 25-year service awardees of the school are Mr. Perfecto Briones Jr., Mr. Santiago Lamagon, Mrs. Chona Manalili, Mr. Joey Matorre, and Mrs. Sharon Ragsac. They were given recognition by the school together with Mrs. Violenda Suban, a 35-year awardee. 

Retiring personnel were also commended for their service to the Marist community. They are Ms. Lolita Dagohoy, Mr. Erikson Domingo, Mr. Joseph Forelino, Ms. Gandalyn Galapon, Ms. Maricris Lemen, Mr. Alfonso Olicia, Ms. Ory Valino, and Ms. Nelia Velarde. Martin Victorino

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