Given a fresh look in consideration of the unexpected turn of events brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Marist website underwent redesigning and was relaunched last December 8, 2020.

According to Mr. Camilo Fernandez, Information & Communications Technology (ICT) and Research In-charge, the need to have a “new and invigorated” appearance considering the unprecedented turn of events brought by the pandemic was the main consideration in redesigning the website.

“The most significant improvement was the way in which our message could be conveyed over a medium such as a website,” Mr. Fernandez said.

From the original interface, the redesigned website carried over information about the school’s facilities, curriculum, philosophy, and policies among others. 

Requirements for admission in Marist from kindergarten to senior high school and the school’s community extension program (CEP) are also available.

Upcoming events are now featured in the home page of the website, as well as quick links to the different official social media pages of the school and its offices.

There is a wider range of things we could employ, not just with a static post.  Posts can be quickly reposted to social media outlets such as Facebook. On the back end, it is now easier to edit designs and publish on the fly,” Mr. Fernandez added.

Mr. Fernandez also said that with the information easily communicated to the public, the needs of the community and those outside will effectively be served. 

Marist School’s website can be visited at Mark Andrei De Leon

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