During the first two weeks of December, the Guidance Office held “Arya Marista,” a catch-up session for high school students after the onslaught of Typhoon Ulysses, which caused massive destruction and damage to Luzon.

The program aims to allow students and pupils to express their thoughts on Ulysses, make them realize that they are not alone, and help them manage their thoughts and emotions.

‘Arya’ is Bisaya for moving forward.

“The other main objective of the program was to check how students are coping with the present situation or current status,” Ms. Loida Sandoval, guidance counselor for Grades 7 and 8, said.

Julian Quintana, a Grade 8 student, said that he felt happy about the program because he was able to get in touch with other people after the typhoon.

“I felt happy about at least having some contact with other people aside from family even if it was [only for a short time],” Quintana added.

Meanwhile, for Grade 10 student Christian Aban, while Ulysses worsened his fear of floods, Arya Marista made him feel more relieved.

“It was the first time that I actually opened up and talked about it with other people. It still saddens me to remember everything that [had] happened during that time, but I feel better after the catch up session,” Aban said.

Attendance of these sessions was not required, but was highly encouraged. Each session lasted for about 40 minutes. Martin Victorino 

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