To celebrate the Marist aspiration, brilliance, and successes, recipients of annual honors participated in the Honors’ Assembly last October 17, 2020 via Zoom. 

Before the program started, Bro. Allan de Castro, FMS gave a special message to the parents of the awardees. 

“The most important thing in every child is showing them that you believe in them, offer them warm affection and support,” Bro. Allan said.

Jomari Go, Grade 5 gold medalist, opened the Honors’ Assembly by giving the importance of this celebration in his welcome remarks.

“The purpose of this Honor’s Assembly is not only to recognize students who attained outstanding academic successes, but also to provide positive reinforcement that inspires us all to strive harder and perform at our highest level,” Go said.

Annual honorees from Grades 1 to 11 were recognized and presented by their respective assistant principals.

Francis Bausa, grade 9 gold medalist, played on the piano together with a video presentation about the events that the students experienced in the past school year. 

In her speech of gratitude, Ana Ascuncion, a Grade 11 gold medalist, discussed the need for dedication in the things that Maristas do. 

“Firm dedication to be excellent is needed because it fuels an individual to do better and bring the best out of its activities,” Ascuncion said.

Pio Gavino, Grade 11 gold medalist, recited his original poetry “To Victory, Together” with selected gold medalists. Andre Gagarin, grade 8 gold medalist, accompanied the poem recitation with a lyrical dance. Clarence Acosta // Image courtesy of Marist School

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