The ghosts are here! Soon, All Hallows’ Eve or more commonly known as “Halloween” is upon us. What better way to frighten ourselves this spooktober than watching some scary movies and TV shows? But where can we watch these, if you may ask? Top on the list of the world’s most well-known streaming services is Netflix.

Netflix provides unlimited streaming of award-winning TV shows and movies, and most of them are pop culture treats for all audiences. That is why Netflix is the place to go for viewing Halloween flicks.

Here are a few recommendations to spookify your nights this October! 

Train To Busan (2016) by Next Entertainment World

Courtesy: Next Entertainment World

The apocalyptic film revolves around a man named Seok Woo and his daughter as they struggle with a group of terrified passengers to go through hordes of zombies in a speed train en route to Busan. Critics say that Train To Busan is a “purely entertaining zombie film” and some say when it comes to gore, Train To Busan takes the swiftest paths from A to Z. 

The zombie theme is admirable, as well as the storyline of people fighting and rebelling against each other on the train. You can even learn a lot from it, with displays of sacrifice and selfishness present in the film. 

Eerie (2019) by Star Cinema

Courtesy: Star Cinema

From Filipino indie director Mikhail Red comes a film revolving around the mysterious death of a student named Erika at a Catholic school for girls. It also follows Pat, the school’s guidance counselor, as she leans on the case and sets out to investigate the student’s death without crossing the austere school head, Mother Alice.

Starring a grand duo consisting of Bea Alonzo (as Pat) and Charo Santos-Concio (as Mother Alice), Eerie starts and finishes off hauntingly in line with the impressive performances of the actors. Also contributing to the film’s already stirring storyline is its effective use of suspense writing and angled cinematography, providing a frightening atmosphere to viewers. On its own, the movie’s plot is standard yet delivered in a way that would still make you sleep with the lights on. So, don’t take this horror flick for granted, as Eerie certainly lives up to its name.

Hotel Transylvania (2012) by Columbia Pictures & Sony Pictures Animation

Courtesy: Columbia Pictures & Sony Pictures Animation

Explore the world where your typical list of fictional monsters exists, but they are not what they seem to be as you’d expect in this family-horror-comedy flick. Hotel Transylvania is a lavish resort owned by Count Dracula, and during one special weekend, on the 118th birthday of his daughter Mavis, he invites several of his creature friends such as the Invisible Man, the Mummy, and Frankenstein, who do not sound as scary as they appear to be. 

However, an uninvited guest stumbles at the hotel as Johnny, an ordinary run-of-the-mill backpacker unwittingly crashes the party and grows an attraction to Mavis. In terms of comedy, the plotting and jokes are light, fun, and entertaining—making it perfectly suitable for families who are looking to spend Halloween with their children. The humor may be cheesy at times and the plot a bit mediocre, but the presence of the not-so-horrifying characters previously mentioned make up for them.

The Addams Family (1991) by Orion Pictures & Paramount Pictures

Courtesy: Orion Pictures & Paramount Pictures

A pop-culture blessing from the early ‘90s, The Addams Family is not your typical household. But even if they are an odd, wealthy, aristocratic family with grim, dark interests, don’t expect that the totality of the film will be as macabre as they look as it’s surprisingly entertaining and funny, which will surely help you forget your troubles.

The classic film brings everyone together in the family as the movie initially started as a sitcom way back in the ‘60s and had several sequels and spinoffs. Following the lives of Gomez and Morticia Addams and their children Wednesday and Pugsley in encountering unlikely problems such as estate property and identity fraud, you would be granted a different kind of Halloween movie that would make your guts laugh off of you. 

The 3rd Eye (2017) by Hitmaker Studios

Courtesy: Hitmaker Studios

Straying away from family-friendly Halloween movies this time, The 3rd Eye is an Indonesian horror film about a little girl named Abel who sees ghosts. Her older sister, Alia, consults a psychic, who opens her own eyes to the vengeful ghost haunting their childhood home. The film starts from the perspective of the young Abel who sees mysterious things around her family’s home and experiences a hard time convincing her parents about her ability. Twelve years later, her parents tragically die in a traffic accident and so there begins Alia in her task to understand her younger sister’s ongoing sightings.

Critics say that The 3rd Eye makes quite the enjoyable supernatural effort, leaving you with chills down your spine even after one viewing. The film is perfect if you love a good scare, especially if you have someone to accompany you in being frightened throughout. Haniel Pinlac

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