To remind students and personnel of their duty as stewards of creation, Marist commemorated the Season of Creation last September 1 to October 11, 2020, with the theme “Jubilee for the Earth.”

In a mass held last September 2, Most Rev. Honesto F. Ongtioco D.D, bishop of the Diocese of Cubao, called for unity to reach out to the voiceless and vulnerable.

“Our celebration calls for unified action and stands with various churches and groups upholding important traditions that give way in reaching out to the vulnerable and voiceless. Help each other to be free from greed,” Bishop Ongtioco said.

Students were tasked to do an activity about the Season of Creation. Grade 7 students wrote about the Gospel of Creation, while students from Grade 8 made a documentary video on ecology. 

Grade 9 students were tasked to calculate their household carbon footprints and Grade 10 had the Laudato Si family challenge.

For senior high, Grade 11 students created advocacy posters, while Grade 12 students made a research paper on ecology during the pandemic.

In a memorandum addressed to the personnel, Br. Allan De Castro, FMS, school president, endorsed the initiatives of the Marist East Asia Task Force to the personnel.

Br. Allan also reiterated the continuous observance of Meatless Friday, sobriety in the use of resources, and the refusal of single-use plastics.

According to Mr. Santos, high school subject area coordinator for the Religion Department, the Science Department and the Campus Ministry Office partnered with them to make the activities more meaningful.

He also talked about the importance of celebrating the season of creation in our current situation.

“It became more significant especially in this time of the pandemic. This Season of Creation is calling us to give our Mother Earth a chance to breathe again and recharge,” Mr. Santos said. Martin Victorino // Screen capture from Campus Ministry Office Facebook page

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