To provide students time to submit pending outputs and take a week-long health break, Marist School recently implemented a completion week that recurs during the last week of each quarter.

According to JM Salazar, Marist School Coordinating Body (MSCB) vice president from school year 2019-2020, the Completion Week will help students submit all missing outputs and take a week-long rest.

“Many of our fellow Maristas are struggling to adapt to the new normal of having online classes. [The Completion Week] is helpful because it is their chance to submit all tasks, so they wouldn’t have any problems regarding their grades,” Salazar said.

During this period, synchronous and asynchronous classes, except for religious activities, are postponed.

The Completion Week for the first quarter was held on October 5 to 9, 2020.

For the second and third quarters, breaks will be observed from December 7 to 11 and from February 15 to 19, accordingly. Andrew Cepe and Zachary Cammayo

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