Maristas virtually celebrated Science Week last September 21 to 25 with the theme, “Jubilee for the Earth” by participating in various asynchronous activities. 

According to Ms. Shellah Tabayoyong, subject area coordinator for the Science department, the celebration aims to provide awareness on the current situation of the environment. Furthermore, it aims to bring out the best of the students.

Grade 7 students created a poster about creation while Grade 8 students made an output about the Gospel of Creation.

Students from Grade 9 produced a documentary film about biodiversity. Meanwhile, Grade 10 created picture-slogan posters about their family’s environmental advocacy.

Grade 11 Maristas made an advocacy poster about taking action on the problems stated in Laudato Si. Lastly, Grade 12 students wrote a reflection paper about the state of the environment during the current pandemic.

This October, an exhibition in the form of a video presentation shall unveil the best outputs per grade level together with a dance number from the Marist High Impact. This exhibit will be available on the Marist School website and Facebook page. Jose Rafael Palomares

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