The Philippines is one of the countries with the largest number of Catholics in the world. Garnering these numbers despite having other countries that are larger than the Philippines made me realize that Catholicism here in our country has made an enormous impact on our lives. The traditions we have like the processions, Sunday masses, feasts, Visita Iglesia, baptisms, weddings, and many more practices are examples of how much impact Catholicism has brought to us. We Filipinos are made closer to each other by these traditions, and through them, we enveloped such hospitality to help those who are in need even if we do not know them personally. 

A disease named COVID-19 came earlier this year. It changed our way of living and our society. With the rising number of people getting infected by the virus, the government decided to place different parts of the country in community quarantines. The government also prohibited mass gatherings, therefore the traditions we do or participate in every year are temporarily restricted until it is safe again, as doing such practices amidst a health crisis might worsen the risk of transmitting the disease to more people.

But even though we are in this pandemic, God has never left us. He did not allow us to completely suffer. Despite these trying times, our devotion never faltered. Now, we started having liturgical celebrations online held by local Catholic schools and churches. In this way, we could continue to be religious along with our family in the comfort of our homes.

The quarantine has brought out the ability of us Filipinos to adapt to whatever life gives us. And given the situation right now of the new normal, we, Catholics, have proven that no obstacle could dwindle our faith to the Lord. Luis Revilla

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