In commemoration of the Feast of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, the school held a live streamed Eucharistic celebration in the Chapel of Magnificat last September 8, 2020.

Rev. Fr. Antonio Gerardo Sanchez, an alumnus, talked about the significance of Mary in our lives during his homily.

“The Blessed Virgin’s birthday helps us to deepen our appreciation not only for her vocation and mission but for our own,” he said.

Officers of Marist School’s alumni association, who offered flowers to the Virgin Mary during the mass, were also present during the celebration. 

Retirees also received salutations after the mass. They were: Ms. Gandalyn Galapon, clerk from the Learning Resource Center; Ms. Ory Valino, school nurse; and, Ms. Lolita Dagohoy, secretary for Cluster 3.

Ms. Wilhemina Tan, secretary to the Marist College Incorporators and Board of Trustees, was also recognized for her services.

The celebration ended with a streamed reflection session with Br. Sean Sammon, FMS who talked about how Mary made an impact on St. Marcellin’s life and how it should continue until today. Zachary Cammayo // Screen capture from Marist School Facebook page

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