Marist’s faculty members prepared for the VIOLETS program through modifications in curricula, extensive training, and self-care as the school transitions to an online delivery of education due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This transition is not easy, according to Mrs. Alma Gorospe, high school coordinator for English.

In a Marist OK interview, she refers to the process of preparing for the school year, particularly adapting the curricula, being “tedious” to ensure quality standards despite the alternative mode of teaching.

Another hurdle was the matter of how subjects like physical education and health would be delivered in the VIOLETS set-up.

In the same interview, grade school PE teacher Mr. JC Teruel said they resolved this by integrating a curriculum focused on health instead of sports. 

Mr. Francis Santos, high school coordinator for Religion, shared to the Blue & Gold that this was done by choosing only essential topics which are pertinent to the students’ experiences.

“We decongested the curriculum, given the limited time,” he added.

Educators are also expected to be equipped with the ability to use the medium they are in.

According to Mr. Santos, they have been attending webinars since April and have received training from school administrators.

On a personal note, despite the heavy workload they are experiencing, Mr. Santos has coped with his situation through self-care. 

“Mental health is important. I stay away from negativity; I always focus on positive things and we pray a lot as a family,” he ended. Juan Miguel Agcolicol and Arden Anagap 

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