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Senior high school students claimed first place in “Catalyze,” an innovative consumer product development case competition organized by the Ateneo Management of Applied Chemistry Association (MACA).

The main objective of the competition was to come up with an innovative product that would alleviate the water problem of residents of Sitio Hemedes, Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

Marist School’s research team consisted of a core team and an auxiliary team.

The core team consisted of Louis Pocholo Deang, John Patrick Bonayon, and Gian Carlo Remo of STEM; and, Ken Joe Yamane, and Geraldine Ella Vicerra of ABM.

Meanwhile, the auxiliary team consisted of STEM students Joanna Missy Medalla and Deo Delos Reyes, Arden Anagap, and Ana Katrina Asuncion; and, ABM students Bea Marie Ongkiko, Joseph Miguel Cruz, and Marrion Samuel Torres.

The product developed by the students was made from bamboo and filtering components that cleans water as it flows through it.

After passing through the bamboo filter three times, water is finally purified with a chemical that they produced.

“The difference of this year compared to last year is that the executive plan and business plan was well-thought-of. Our group was also given more attention for preparation,” Ms. Shellah Tabayoyong said.

Ms. Tabayoyong served as the STEM adviser along with Mrs. Desiree Catalan as their ABM adviser.

Ateneo MACA Catalyze proceeded through three phases: Infographic of Product, Executive Summary, and Business Plan and Oral Defense. Gabriel Bibe

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