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The All-Star Games was held on February 13 at the Gymnasium, where students and personnel challenged each other on the hard court.

The first game was the volleyball match, where female personnel competed against the junior high school players of the Marist Volleyball Team.

During the beginning of the first set, the personnel commanded the game.

However, tables turned when the varsity team caught up and bagged the win in two sets.

“Nakaka-tense siya kasi kalaban mo ay personnel,” shared Andre Santos of the MVT, stating as well that he was happy to bond with the faculty and staff through sports.

The next game was a four-canto basketball match of male personnel against selected players from grades 7 to 10.

The personnel dominated the first half, even when the students diminished the lead at the start of the second quarter.

For JB Conanan, one of the student players, the first quarter was crucial.

“Doon ko unang nakalaro mga teammates ko. Doon ko rin nakita kung gaano kalakas kalaban namin, pero nawala naman ‘yung kaba pagkatapos ng jumpball.”

After halftime, the students came out blazing and managed to clinch the lead. But as the quarter ended, it was clear by the fourth that the personnel took the game, winning by a large margin.

Meanwhile, students were evidently cheering for the personnel with their tactical assists, with a huge growl from the bleachers when Mr. Eduvane committed a turnover to his son.

“Gusto ko lang din mag-enjoy ‘yung mga players at audience sa game; maging masaya sila,” shared Mr. Eduvane.

Another highlight of the game was the three-pointers from Br. Demosthenes Calabria, FMS.

“Intense pero ang saya,” said Conanan about the match. Janry Billedo

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