[Originally published on June 2020 at bit.ly/bgsportsspecial]

The Blue & Gold, through the years, have been pouring out its efforts in maximizing its service, whether it may be ensuring the content of the incoming issue or coming up with new ideas to expand its coverage. All these as a reflection of how journalism largely influences communities.

In this age where our screens are full of online noise, people engage in discourse with voices that can open our views to a wider perspective; however, these may not be properly expressed. Campus publications provide a platform in amplifying these voices that follow the journalistic standards—from ethics to manner—which prioritizes the best interest of the studentry.

However, the expression of thoughts and ideas has been polluted with online toxicity and malicious intent in vast media platforms. This can show how some people have boxed their perspective into their own privilege and entitlement for they do not open their minds even to their surroundings.

This gives us a responsibility to address certain problems involving the students because we have the power to set a more controlled discussion as a publication.

Our practice of journalism grounds our topics on its effects to the target audience. We are taught to go deeper than what was observed in firsthand experiences when covering news and to pitch an interesting or enlightening story for the students in every feature article. The stories and statements that we publish may call for a strong standpoint to encourage change, yet our perspectives are only sparks for our readers to ignite.

Working for three years as an editor of the Blue & Gold, I have seen how the organization’s potential has grown over time and more so when it expanded from a publication to a media organization in the previous school year. This organization has lived through 48 years of continuous service and further propelled the opportunities for its members who give their efforts into producing an output.

The presence of wider and accessible media has the tendency to mislead a lot of students today, that is why it is our duty to uphold these journalistic standards to the best way we can. Despite its small scale coverage, this provides insight among the many experiences you get within the school, which is important into developing your  understanding as you expand your involvement to the people in the greater society. Pierre Ulrich Hubo

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