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Leaving high school is one milestone for every single grade 12 student—even if this batch was denied a graduation due to unfortunate circumstances. Yet, there are fond memories made in the tough years of senior high school. Before college, some of them recalled their fondest memories as a senior high student.

Colleen Rivera (La Valla) was one of the few female students in the campus. “I was so afraid that I stayed in the comfort room with another girl classmate for almost an hour before the class started, but I thought wrong because I felt very welcomed and it didn’t take too long for me to feel that I belong to this school,” she shared.

It was when Rivera was at a low point, did she feel the real meaning of family spirit. “That’s where I knew that what makes Marist is the people.”

Camaraderie among students was also highlighted in Dan De Guzman’s (Fourviere) experience with his homeroom. “After the USTET results were given, half of our class went to Ranz Santos’s house, then we celebrated because most of us have a college already. And, at that moment, we tried to relax for a bit and we bonded so close. It was SOLID.”

Such anecdotes are embodiments of the Marist core value of Communion. According to the book “That We May Remember” by Br. Niño Pizarro, FMS, “This life-together, expressed through family spirit, is an integral part of Marcellin’s vision.”

For other students, the different school events were the highlights of their life in Marist. Phoebe Concepcion (Verrieres) had her experience right away back in grade 11 when she competed as a model in the AP-Filipino contest that capped off with an unexpected win. “First time ko ‘yun pero ‘yun yung pinaka-highlight ng SHS life ko sa Marist. I wasn’t into that kind of stuff before, pero nag-enjoy ako nang sobra,” remarked Concepcion.

“[My fondest memory would be] Marist’s 2019 fair, probably because not only was it our last fair, but our booth was also pretty fun to work at,” said Clark de Vera (Hermitage). Aside from subject-area celebrations, one of the biggest events of the school is the fair, wherein undergraduate homerooms organize and run their own booths.

These contests and events are regularly held in school to further showcase the talents of the students outside the classroom, all the while developing excellence as Maristas.

“One fond memory in Marist that I can relate with excellence is the time before classes start. We, as a class, help each other in academics whenever there are homeworks or quizzes that are due,” shared Alejandro Valencia (Marlhes). “We chat online to discuss certain academic topics and materials to study for upcoming tests.”

For Valencia, being in school is not just meant for studying. “It is also for interacting with a variety of people who would somehow make you a better person than before,” he added.

Truly, a Marist story is founded on each and everyone’s unique experiences through shared goals and activities. While we are in constant motion in this world, one thing is clear: the lessons we learned will be ingrained in our minds and spirits ever forever. Tyrone de Belen // Artwork by Sean Sumague

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