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It was the flex that many students were awaiting all year.

As early as June, students anticipate the biennial Sports Fest, which was held last February 14 for junior high school. Meanwhile, senior high had their events on February 7 cut short due to a sudden downpour, which was then continued on March 6.

Mr. Jerrico Hubalde, MAPEH coordinator, believes that this is due to their excitement as participants and spectators through “camaraderie and performance.”

Students competed in different events, which consisted of different track and field events like sprints, relays, and an obstacle course.

A swimming tournament was also held, which consisted of individual and relay events.

Joaquin Vialu, a grade 9 student who competed for the 4 x 100 relay and won third place, shared that their strategy was to put their fastest runner as the anchor (last person to run) and placing their second fastest as the first sprinter for an early lead.

“Maristas are renowned for their athleticism, but it doesn’t stop there. Sportsmanship and excellence are the manifestations of their athleticism,” said Mr. Hubalde.

Sportsmanship and excellence are the manifestations of their athleticism

Mr. Hubalde

For grade 12 student Kyle Cañelas, gold medalist in the 100 m sprint, practice and discipline were important.

“It is in this moment that you hone your skills, anticipate your opponents’ strength, and strategize to counter it,” he said.

According to Mr. Hubalde, it is when students do their best that they go beyond the competition.

“[It] is about showing respect to one another, fulfilling your own satisfaction, and enjoying your maximum effort or contribution,” Mr. Hubalde said.

The Lady Volcanoes, the women’s rugby team of the country, also participated in the event through their free rugby lessons for Maristas. They competed in the recently held SEA Games. Rion Guyo


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